Having completed over 10 years of Architectural Design Engineering Services, METRO GROUP has entered into a strategic working relationship with its Technology Vendor Partners incorporating their automated Light Gauge Steel Frame Building Technology combining it with a customized site cast tilt-wall concrete construction method that is ideal for the South East Asian climate and regional preferences. Each project requires Metro Groups Design Engineering division to adopt the construction plans so as to achieve an enhanced building system that is far less expensive than the traditional RCC framed building with infill brick or masonry construction method prevalent in the region. METRO-PANELS is a product technology services division of the METRO GROUP of companies that provides complete design build turnkey building shell manufacturing solutions and services for builders and developers seeking fast track construction methods using our panel products and building systems. Metro Group continues to provide design engineering services through its design studio ARCHENICS.

METRO-PANELS shall provide innovative, practical, and cost effective solutions that not only meets the logistic and budgetary requirements but at the same time, create lasting building structures that allow for more eco friendly projects that are finished and meet with the international standards. The use of SiteCast Concrete Composite Panels embedded with LGS load-bearing studs and components are now becoming more and more common in low to medium rise buildings up to 12 storeys, particularly in residential homes, apartments and condominiums. SiteCast concrete Panels can also be used as infill construction within a super high rise traditional RCC framed structure reducing the dead load and the cost of labor to finish brick-masonry walls with plaster cement finish. The METRO-PANELS method combines the strength of Concrete with Light Gauge Steel Construction system to become a pre-engineered and pre-fabricated quick build construction system. The key advantages are consistency in quality and controlled project implementation timing.

Site cast Concrete Panel Construction using automated LGS framing system is METRO-PANELS' copyrighted and patent pending technology that is an integrated building construction system with concrete panels stronger-but-lighter than conventional solid concrete or RCC framed construction with masonry walls. All other METRO-PANELS product systems comprise of various technologies from our vendor-partners whose components are either patented or have patents pending. The bonding and adherence of the concrete to steel studs becomes a very strong composition of conventional products which lends a competitive edge over conventional building methods, allowing us to build stronger buildings faster and at a lower cost.


METRO-PANELS was founded on the belief that to be recognized as a trend setter, a company must think and act differently than what is normally expected of a design-build services company. It shows in the way we endeavor in the process; the value we add to projects and the commitment to envision unique Design-Engineering-Construction solutions. To us, we envision much more than structures. Every day what we do for our clients is to develop concepts and ideas to build success. . . . . . . . in essence we work to build PRIDE.